How to use the TRP Papa ball in your Yoga Balls™️

Often when we start Yoga Balls™️, we ask ourselves: Which ball should I choose? Are the small ones better than the big one?

Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you!

Each ball has its advantages and disadvantages, because they allow you to work multiple areas differently.

In this article, Mireille Martel, co-creator of the Yoga Balls™️ method, presents the Papa ball to you and explains its advantages.

Its size is the equivalent of a baseball, it is quite firm and its pressure resembles that of a large thumb or an elbow (therefore rather wide).

Its advantages are numerous. It is quite large so easy to handle. We feel it well, because it is wide and its pressure is large and diffuse.

Another notable advantage, because it is wide, its density remains intact for a very long time and it is durable. It also keeps its grip for a very long time, so you can buy it once and use it for years.

Another benefit of the Papa ball is that you can use it on the wall, which will allow you to massage yourself more easily with less pressure.

We like to use it to massage large muscles, but also the back, trapezius, knees, hips...

It is perfect for sensitive people who have injuries or chronic tension.