TRP™️ Mama Balloon

If we're talking about Yoga Balls™️, we're definitely talking about the TRP™️ Mama ball. “This little gem”, “this little tool” or even “this essential” are nicknames that come up quite often to describe the TRP™️ Mama ball which works therapeutic miracles.

What does the TRP™️ Mama ball bring to the practice of Yoga Balls?

To summarize, the TRP™️ Mama ball massages tense, contracted, irritated regions, etc., in a targeted or global manner. The effects of massage will be even more effective when the body is relaxed.

During the therapeutic massage with the TRP™️ Mama ball, you are invited to “let go”, that is to say, to relax the muscles of the different parts of your body in order to let the ball work in depth on the muscles and tissues. connectives and fibers of the body.

According to recent studies, massage with a therapeutic ball would create better muscle contraction capacity. On the other hand, being able to “let go” can take a lot of time and “effort”. It may take a few weeks or even months before you are able to relax under the use of the ball.

The TRP™️ Mama ball is miraculous in its ability to mimic the bodily benefits offered by a massage therapist or osteopath. For an investment of around $20, you will make your investment profitable in less than one session ;-)

Why is the TRP™️ Mama ball so wonderful?

The magic of the TRP™️ Mama ball comes from its adherence to the skin because it reproduces the massage of a professional. The adhesion ensures that not only do the tissues and fibers relax, but it also creates a neuro-mechanical connection to the place where you are massaging.

For optimal results, it is recommended to inflate the TRP™️ Mama Balloon halfway to ¾ of its maximum capacity in order to have the most effective massage results. However, it is possible to inflate and deflate the ball in order to work on all parts of the body, even the most sensitive.

A big advantage: the TRP™️ Mama ball can be used anywhere and anytime since it can be carried very easily in your luggage and in everyday life.

Everyone can benefit from this ball, even if you have had surgeries, are living with an injury or have a physical condition that limits your movement.

Follow the advice of a healthcare professional and go at your own pace.

If you have just given birth: Wait between 8-12 weeks after giving birth before massaging the belly. For some people, it is even recommended to wait the full 12 weeks. However, you can still massage the rest of your body with the TRP™️ Mama Ball elsewhere on her body.

Just because there is a restriction in one area doesn't mean you can't do good in another area of ​​the body.

It is possible to massage almost the entire body using the balls, but you should avoid pressing firmly on the following regions of the body: inguinal ligament (groins), throat/trachea, xiphoid appendage (tip of the sternum), regions near the bones of people with osteoporosis, carpal tunnel (inside the wrist), coccyx and sciatic nerve at the height of the hamstring muscles.