• Relaxation


    By practicing Yoga Balls, you benefit from a self-massage that stimulates digestion and the nervous system, thus bringing deep relaxation and an increase in your overall energy.

  • Self-healing


    Yoga Balls help relieve pain, such as knee pain and back pain, by releasing muscle tension and optimizing body alignment, thus promoting self-healing without medication.

  • Posture


    Using therapy balls to massage key areas like the sacrum and feet helps maintain proper body alignment, improving posture and proprioception.

What are Yoga Balls™️?

Yoga Balls is a simple and effective method that allows you to take charge of your health by using flexible, grippy rubber balls to massage, knead and stretch your muscles and connective tissues.

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Testimonials from our customers

TRP™️ Baby Balls

“I love my baby balls. It's amazing the difference when you massage one side of the face and not the other. They also serve me to massage small painful points. I didn't think I would feel so relaxed massaging my face. Especially the forehead. In the evening after a day working on the computer, it's just ideal. The eyebrow massage raises awareness of accumulated tensions. I am very satisfied with my purchase. »

Florence Rubert

TRP™ Dad Ball

“I discovered this ball via the short videos from the 2022 advent calendar. It's extraordinary for massaging your lower back, I love this ball!! »


TRP™️ Mama Balloon

“The comfort of the “mama ball” is a great experience. I have severe scoliosis, which allows a real massage given my very deformed back... a wall-mounted practice and easier for me... A big thank you to everyone for this very beautiful tool! As well as all your teachings.
Namaste. »

Laetitia CAUËT

TRP™️ Baby Balls

“These small balls are very practical to use thanks to their size which allows you to massage small areas such as the fingertips or on the face. They are very soft and pleasant. You can always have them with you, which is very practical for daily massages, even at work! I highly recommend them. »

Stephanie COUTIN

TRP™️ Twin Balls

“This is a health and well-being essential that takes up no space and can be taken anywhere. I love these twin balls that I use for the feet, the back, but also on the face, for contractures, for rest and relaxation, .... I highly recommend the use of these balls. »


Take deep care of yourself

Massages are much more than just moments of relaxation. They have become a common practice in our modern society, and this is not without reason. Do you want to get all the benefits of massages, while staying at home and at a reasonable price? TRP™️ balls are the solution for you!

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