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Yoga Balls™️ Family Kit

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    The Family Kit contains everything you need to practice Yoga Balls™️:

    • a TRP™️ Mama ball : The TRP™️ Mama ball is soft, flexible and adherent and is ideal for massages of the abdomen, back and thorax. It gently mobilizes the spine and the digestive and respiratory organs. To try it is to adopt it!
    ** TRP Mama balloon sizes may vary, even if ordered at the same time.
    • a TRP™️ Dad Ball : The TRP™️ Dad Ball measures 3.5 inches in diameter. It is ideal for the quadratus lumborum, pectorals and glutes, as well as other large muscle groups. In short, it is essential!
    • a pair of TRP™️ Twin balls : Therapeutic balls Self-massage binoculars sold in packs of two. They are used to perform different self-massage techniques for myofascial release. These balls are ideal for hands, feet, neck, face, spine and all the little trigger points.  
    • a bag of TRP™️ Baby Balls sold in packs of ten: Mix of two colors. These balls are used to perform different self-massage techniques for myofascial release and are ideal for hands, feet, face and all small trigger points.
    • a book Yoga Balles presents 37 sequences to promote self-healing.
    • a TRP-Balls mesh carrying bag .

    Therapeutic balls are suitable for everyone (beginners included). No yoga experience is required.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    Nathalie Levac

    Je l’adore! Merci !!

    WOW ! Merci Nathalie !
    Votre commentaire dit tout ! :)

    Brigitte Bertrand
    J’adore cette trousse!

    Ça fait tellement du bien! Go!

    Merci Brigitte pour votre commentaire ! :)

    Francine Godin

    matériel bien fait. Je commence tranquillement à l’utiliser.

    Merci Francine pour votre commentaire !
    Bonne continuation ! :)

    Carole Forest
    Trousse familiale yoga balles

    Excellente j'adore

    Merci Carole ! C'est parfait ! :)

    Marie-Helene Plouffe

    Trousse familiale Yoga Balles™️

    Merci Marie-Hélène pour vos 5 étoiles ! :)