Session 1 - Anti-stress

Did you know that it is possible to physically stimulate certain nerves to almost immediately generate a relaxation and regeneration response? The following techniques are very effective both in the moment and in the long term, because their effect is cumulative. The more often you practice this routine, the more quickly your body will be able to expel excess stress.

Session 2 - Lymphatic system

To promote lymph circulation, the following massages target areas of the body where there are large lymph nodes.

Session 3 - Neck stiffness

Cervical stiffness is often temporary, but it is no less bothersome. Yoga Balls offer an approach that is as accessible as it is effective for relieving tension and quickly regaining mobility. It is always best to massage both sides of the neck, even if the stiffness is localized on one side. Either way, the massage feels so good that you'll want to do each side more than once!

Session 4 - Shoulder pain (capsulitis)

Yoga Balls can be your best ally in recovering from an injury or illness, even capsulitis which usually takes several years to heal. In fact, it promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, which play an essential role in healing and cellular regeneration processes. In addition, certain techniques proposed help to realign muscle fibers which, following an injury, become disorganized and lose resistance. In addition, self-massage positively stimulates your nervous system, thereby reducing the sensation of pain and increasing your ability to position yourself better in space (proprioception). In other words, the more you massage yourself, the more you help your body to heal itself and optimize itself!

Session 5 - Back pain

More than 80% of people suffer from back pain at one time or another! This self-massage sequence is therefore a must for everyone who has a back, or at least everyone who has a back and wants to take care of it! You can practice it regularly as a preventative routine or when you feel pain or discomfort, unless the pain is acute. In the latter case, consult your healthcare professional. Remember that massage is a healthy lifestyle measure, just like brushing your teeth!

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